People are spending more time at home, which means they are exploring the realms of interior design to find ways to redefine their home spaces. Bedrooms seem even more intimate than ever, as previously sleepy interior design decorating makes way for inspirational and visionary home décor that pays homage to the hope and dreams of its inhabitants. Think royalty meets Las Vegas and you will have an idea of the home décor bedroom styles trending in 2021. 

1. Blue Hues

If you are rethinking the interior design scheme in your sleeping quarters, take note that now is not the time for neutral in the bedroom. Don’t shy away from bold and bright colors, 2021 is the year to add color to the bedroom. One of the most popular interior design trends 2021 interior designers are incorporating into home décor bedroom spreads is the use of blues. Blues are especially trending in modern interior design—teal, midnight, cobalt, blue-green, turquoise, and dark blue. And don’t be afraid to mix different shades of blue. For instance, interior design decorating styles are pairing dark blue walls with velvety turquoise bedding for an elegant but comforting contrast.

2. Bring the Outdoors into the Bedroom

Interior design in the bedroom is bringing nature in with home décor greenery, whether it be a dramatic plant, natural upholstery fabric, or a wooden canopy bed. When staying in is the thing to do, adding a touch of a natural finish like bamboo, eucalyptus, or hemp will inspire imagination indoors. An interior design decorating tip for natural home décor in the bedroom is to start with a stark white backdrop. Modern interior design allows for white walls when bedding, furniture, or accessories present a stark contrast against a seemingly blank canvas.

3. Floral Prints

Whether it’s bedding, walls, or a cushy piece of furniture, floral prints are coming back. Tropical prints from the past few years are less popular, and floral prints have taken their place. Mix bold colors with big, bright florals to make a grand statement or add a few floral accessories to your boudoir to incorporate a subtle flair to the atmosphere. An elegant and ornate furniture embellishment can even add low-key whimsy to the space. For a more literal interpretation of these flowery interior design trends 2021 stylists are adding silk flowers and plants to the home décor of their bedroom designs for a romantic and natural touch.

4. Texture against Texture

The home décor rage that has every designer buzzing for 2021 is the mixing of otherwise unrelated textures. For instance, a fancy upholstered bed frame looks amazing juxtaposed against an exposed brick wall. Instead of designing to match, take this interior design decorating tip: try instead to not match different elements of the bedroom. Your bedroom will take on a personality of its own when you combine different styles, textures, and textiles to your interior design bedroom scheme. A simple swap of a few items can re-enliven the home décor pieces you already have. Modern interior design stylists say its ok to mix an upholstered bed with a wood desk or dresser.

5. Gray on Gray

A gray on gray interior design palate for a bedroom is nothing new, but it is one of many interior design trends 2021 is reviving. Because there are so many shades of gray, pairing a true gray with a pinkish or even purplish gray creates a soothing and relaxing environment. Even more true to the home décor trends of 2021 is the mixing of grays with bold blues and yellows. A gray upholstered bed with brightly colored sheets popping out from beneath gray bedding and against a grayer painted backdrop is luxurious home décor at its best.

6. Mustard is the New Black

As cliché 70s as it may sound, modern interior design loves the color mustard. It just works with so many home décor designs and colors such as navy, pink, aqua, or by itself. Brightening up the bedroom with a bright shade of ochre or turmeric can change everything. Pair a brightly colored floating bed frame with high-thread-count white bedding for a truly dramatic ambiance. Or take this interior design decorating tip: just add some mustard-colored pillows to your bedding to brighten the mood.

7. Let Out Your Minimalist Instincts

One interior design trend that has subtly become one of the most understated home décor movements of recent home décor trends is minimalism. For a true minimalist, a clutter-free and simple interior design is anything but boring. In fact, the right statement piece in terms of furniture can bring an otherwise simply adorned room to life. The home décor of a minimalist can be relaxing and tranquil and create a space that is a safe and comforting sanctuary. Adding LED under the bed is a modern interior design twist you can add to a minimalist interior design scheme to give it an even more ultramodern feel.

8. Eclectic Glam

Another home décor trend that 2021 has introduced to the interior design realm is a return to industrial textures, but this time with a hint of glamor. Retro glam meets art deco in the bedroom with industrial lighting, metal bed frames, and a hint of the 1970s redefines eclectic home décor, taking it to the next level of style. Gold furniture against dark blue walls creates an upmarket vibe that transcends the home décor traits of the past. Modern interior design is unparalleled in the futuristically historical consciousness of the eclectic glamour design movement.