In past decades, home décor trends have seen lighting ideas go from the track lighting concept of the 80s and 90s to the more recent, but equally outdated, recessed lighting style. But, when light fixtures were once thought better to inconspicuously cast a glow of illumination across a room, new trends in lighting directly contradict traditional lighting concepts. Rather, designers are using oversized and even sometimes downright exaggerated lighting design ideas to not only accent other elements of home decor, but also to set the tone of different spaces. Over-the-top chandeliers are not just for grand foyer lighting design anymore—they are now going in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even walk-in closets. The right lighting fixture can change everything about a space, and consequently, statement lighting has become one of the biggest trends of the decade.

Contemporary design and fancy lighting concepts go hand in hand. You just can’t have too many designer lighting fixtures, as these pieces can easily become the centerpiece of any room. In fact, if you have a limited budget and want an easy update, an updated lighting design is an easy and affordable way to re-vibe any room in your home. Additionally, lighting redesign is a great place to start if you’re looking to do a home décor makeover. Below are some specific ideas to spark your creativity because new lighting can change your life.

Kitchen Conversion

Home décor enthusiasts know what an impression a new lighting design can make on a kitchen. Whether you’re just looking for a quick update or starting a full-on kitchen remodel, the perfect lighting fixture will return results on your investment. If you have a kitchen island, a series of oversized hanging pendant lights can create a bright and uplifting vibe. Whether you select multiple round globes, cubes, or less traditional geometric-shaped pendants, aligning them over the kitchen island makes for a dramatic update to an otherwise uninteresting kitchen space.

Breakfast Nook Renovation

An informal and casual eating space off your kitchen may not seem like the place for an overstated lighting fixture, but the latest trends in home décor reveal that intimate spaces are among the best places for such lighting pieces. One single, low-hanging, clear glass pendant light is a classy way to accent a space that is oftentimes the afterthought of kitchen design. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to mix lighting design elements between the kitchen and the breakfast nook. Installing equally interesting but different lighting fixtures across an open floorplan helps define the spaces and sets the mood for the various activities that take place in a home.

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Walk-In Closet Refashion

Current home décor design trends in closet lighting have gotten fancy. In fact, there is no such thing as too fancy when it comes to selecting a lighting fixture for a walk-in closet. Contemporary home décor design is redefining closet lighting. Among the most popular closet lighting schemes of current home décor trends are elegant crystal chandeliers. These pieces are replacing fluorescent strip lights in walk-in closets and instantly transforming an otherwise ordinary closet into a sophisticated space more aligned with an upscale department store dressing room. Other popular lighting for closets include the following:

  • Hanging, frosted globe pendants cast a soft light evenly across the walls.
  • Stylish, elongated cylinder pendants make a big statement but cast a muted glow.
  • Hanging LED halo ring light fixtures emit a thin but wide-reaching and even, round light source. These can be single rings, multiple inset rings, or a series of nesting rings that form a cone.
  • Larger, doughnut-shaped lighting fixtures reminiscent of clouds floating overhead come in a variety of fanciful finishes from crystal to chrome or less flashy textures such as flat black or white porcelain.

Oversized lighting fixtures can make any room in your home feel renovated, whether a hallway, a reading nook in the master bedroom, or even a pantry. The key to take with you when shopping for home lighting décor is to not limit the possibilities of elaborate lighting. The more dramatic the new lighting fixture is, the more of an impression it is going to make on a room’s overall design conception. A quick change in lighting fixtures can transform your home, giving each room its own unique mood.