Modern minimalist living room design is considered a fad or trend that will wax and wane over time by some stylists. Others believe the movement is a sign of the times and a result of the upcoming generations’ desire to simplify everything. Technology seemingly simplifies our lives, as do new products and services, and now the modern minimalist movement serves to further uncomplicate our lives in the most personal way within our homes. Thus, many believe that minimalism is simply an adaptation to our environments.

What defines modern minimalist living room design?

Some common attributes of minimalistic design include clean lines, simple furnishings, and a monochromatic color palette that consists of just a few basic colors. A modern minimalist design includes the bare minimum furnishing essentials to determine spatial boundaries instead of walls. Thus, a true minimalist living room design sits within an open floor plan where the living room, kitchen, and oftentimes the dining room are all essentially situated within one large open space. It is the minimalist notions incorporated with the styling of furniture and decor elements that define the differences in room use and function.

How does The minimalist living room feel?

Due mostly to the design elements set forth above, the minimalist living room feels open and spacious and free of distractions such as unnecessary items, unessential furniture pieces, and uncomplimentary decor. The conditions of this space are stress-free because they are devoid of items that provoke diversions of the mind.

How does minimalist design look?

Less is more in the modern minimalist living room design in which two chairs and a sleek coffee table may be the only items visible, and alone, just these three items makes a very strong statement. In simply one word, this room looks simple.

How Is The minimalist living room Decorated?

Choose decorative items without intricate patterns or color schemes. Window finishes such as curtains and blinds should also be uncomplicated and monochromatic. Avoid visual clutter such as rug patterns and multitudes of accessories such as throw pillows. One bright red pillow will speak louder than five ornately decorated pillows, even if they are complementary. In modern minimalist design, less is always more.

How can you create This living room design Theme in your home?

Building on what you now know of the basic modern minimalist living room design you can use the following tips to create your own simple and minimal space. When planning your living room design, consider only those items that are essential.

  • Declutter. You cannot achieve a modern minimalist living room design in a space that is cluttered. It goes against the methodology of minimalism. In fact, cluttered spaces are anti-minimalist conditions. Decluttering is also the very key to creating a calming and stress-free home environment.
  • Clear surfaces. Clearing all the surfaces in your living room, including the floors and walls, is just an extension of decluttering. If you are planning to create a minimalist living room, a blank canvas is a must, and honestly, it is essentially what your end result will end up beinga blank canvas.
  • Decorate. You may think that this is a muted point in a modern minimalist living room design, but it is actually in the careful selection of minimal furnishings and items that your personal style will really shine through. Three pieces of furniture, one tasteful family photo, and one or two of your favorite pieces of art or accessories will make a stronger impression of who you are than 20 random items others selected as gifts for you or hand-me-downs from family members.
  • Edit. After your space is whittled down to the basics of your design, wait a few days, and then edit your space even more, further eliminating extraneous items and visual clutter.

Final Thoughts…

Finally, if you have decided to embark on the adventure of styling your own modern minimalist living room design and creating zen within your home and mind, keep the following mantras at the forefront of your thought process as you mindfully select each element of the room. By repeating these simple  core concepts, you will begin to think in minimalist terms, which is an essential habit for transforming not your home environment.

  • Quality over quantity.
  • Less is more.
  • Do I love this?
  • Is it essential?

As striking as this is as a design concept, many people see minimalism as a construct for life. This is very dramatically explained in this Netflix documentary. What begins as a way to re-design an interior space may become a catalyst for you to re-evaluate your entire life. The concept of less is more could easily extend far beyond your modern minimalist living room design.