If it’s time to renew your outdoor patio or balcony, consider these outdoor covered patio design ideas when planning your redesign. From small revisions to big additions, there are options to cover all budgets below. We think you will find these covered patio design ideas easily implemented and inspiring, so that your outdoor space will soon become your favorite room in your home.

1. One of the most comfortable outdoor covered patio design ideas you can incorporate into your yard space is the addition of a fire element. Whether it be a full outdoor fireplace, a fire pit, or tiki torches, adding the warmth and glow of fire can really set the mood and make the space inviting, especially during the cooler seasons. There are a variety of fire pits that you can purchase that do not require a build and construct project on your property. If one of these outdoor covered patio design ideas appeals to you, a fire element can easily become the focal point of the space around which you base your entire design scheme. For instance, the style of fireplace or fire pit you select may dictate what style of seating will complement the space best in terms of style fusion and comfort. The space may require patio seating that squares the hearth, for example.

2. Another one of the most interesting outdoor patio design ideas is to have a series of patio spaces used for various functions. This is for homes that have the space to integrate multiple outdoor rooms and is one of the more extravagant patio design ideas. While one space can comprise an intimate sitting circle with comfortable seating and soft, subdued lighting best occupied during the evening, an adjacent outdoor room may be more of a daytime space better suited for eating and drinking with a long bar with high top stools or an oversized outdoor dining table. This space would offer more natural lighting and more functional seating. The two outdoor rooms would thus complement and contrast each other.

3. Another one of our favorite design ideas is to furnish the space with some overstated modern style patio furniture and/or lighting. Traditional wicker couch-style seating can be swapped for an eccentric table and chairs with flair, such as “s” shaped patio chairs or a minimalist overhanging pendant light, to give a pop of personality to the space. This design idea can really pep up an outdoor room, especially when space is limited.

4. If you’re looking for one of the more romantic outdoor covered patio design ideas, try adding a fancy chandelier with candelabra fittings over a rustic table. You can continue the ambiance with an abundant amount of twinkling tea light candles and storm lanterns scattered on the surfaces within the space. More romantic outdoor covered patio design ideas include hanging white, sheer voiles gently tied at the bottom, so that they softly dance in the breeze to form a flowing wall when hung over banisters, balconies, or between columns that edge your outdoor room.

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5. If you really want to entwine your outdoor space with nature, one of the most creative outdoor covered patio design ideas makes use of oversized hanging planters and seating such as hanging chairs, swings or hammocks made of natural materials like bamboo or cane to create a treetop feel to the space. Vertical planters and slatted walls also can make the space feel like a serene treehouse where you will find a restful and relaxing Zen-style retreat.

6. One of the more subtle outdoor covered patio design ideas is to define your space with a meeting of various outdoor rugs, pillows, and other accessories featuring different patterns and even mismatched colors for the bravest of designers. Brightly colored and vivid patio rugs can be placed beneath low-key natural rattan seating to make an outdoor space inviting and comfortable. Add some colorful statement lighting above and a few pops of color within accessories such as accent tables, candles, vases, and throws to create a space that’s cozy and full of character.

7. Finally, if you’re looking for outdoor patio design ideas that solve difficult flooring situations, you can incorporate outdoor pavers set within gravel to create a geometric pattern that mimics a fully tiled floor space. This is one of the more inexpensive outdoor covered patio design ideas that will yield a much more intricate and pricier look.