It’s time for new outdoor patio designs!

It’s that time of year again when outdoor patio designs become more important as we start to venture outside to once again enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of springtime. After last year, when many of us were forced to quarantine at home right at the onset of spring and had to deal with the same outdoor patio designs from the previous year, it is even more imperative to make sure that your backyard, outdoor deck, or patio ideas provide just the right atmosphere.

It is for this reason, and the fact that outdoor patio designs can be so much fun to put together, that The Home Decor Spot family of home décor sites has grown to include, a site full of outdoor patio design ideas. Whether you are looking for large or small backyard patio ideas, covered patio designs or diy patio ideas, you’re sure to find something to spark your imagination on our new site.

Outdoor patio spaces can have an atmosphere all their own, completely independent of the design aesthetic of the home itself. Through the use of colors and textures outdoor patio designs are a place where the imagination can run wild as the only criteria that matters is the visceral impact the design has on those who experience it. The variety of furniture options, from minimalist to extravagant, as well as the myriad options for accent décor from plants to sculptures, or fire and water elements, can be used to create an outdoor patio design that is truly unique.

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What better way to relax after a long work day and even longer commute that to kick back with a beverage and perhaps a favorite book on your outdoor patio? If you work from home, even better as you can easily take your laptop and phone out to the patio for a quick change of scenery. If you miss having lunch at your favorite sidewalk cafe you can easily re-create the experience at home.

Additionally, because the weather of the spring and summer season allows you to enjoy your outdoor space equally as much at night as you do during the day, eclectic lighting options can help to create an early evening and nighttime ambiance, effectively giving your outdoor patio design three distinct personalities.

There are just so many ideas for outdoor patio design that even though we often talk about the subject on this site, we felt the need to devote an entire website to the topic. In addition to blog articles with ideas for your patio, the modern outdoor patio design website will feature a store with curated best selling items. Categories include furniture, hammocks and hanging chairs, outdoor lighting, planters, fountains, fire pits and tables, canopies and gazebos, and garden sculptures.

Also, since the rebirth and renewed optimism of this new season has many seeking inspiration for their own outdoor patio design, please share your design ideas and experience on our Home Decor Spot Facebook page where we welcome your comments and feedback on all of our interior design blogs.