If you’re a home decor enthusiast looking for some unique living room decorating ideas to enliven your living room spaces, below you will discover some fresh design elements you can incorporate into your living room to change things up a bit. You don’t have to overhaul the whole room to freshen up the look of your living room. It is often surprising how incorporating a few decorating ideas or changing out one or two items in your living room can makeover the entire design climate of your home’s most utilized space. Oftentimes, you will find that by updating your living room, your entire main level will feel refreshed.

One of the easiest but unique living room decorating ideas that can make a big impression in your home decor embodiment as a whole is simply adding a new statement piece. This may also mean replacing an existing piece of furniture or getting rid of a few things to have space to integrate the new element. Whether your budget is limited or the sky’s the limit, you can find items for sale at an array of price points that answer to any of these unique living room decorating ideas.

If replacing or adding just one piece is too little change for your design appetite and you’re going for a more expansive remodel, there are some larger scale unique living room decorating ideas for you here as well. Don’t be afraid to get creative. The possibilities are infinite.

Five Unique Living Room Decorating ideas

1. Go Mobile

Mobile isn’t just a telephone description. This is perhaps one of the simplest yet most unique living room decorating ideas we can conjure up. Add a whirling mobile to hang overhead and create a whimsical air to your living room. It’s a throwback of sorts to a 70s home decor trend that is making a comeback. These intriguing conversation starters can make a beautiful and graphic statement, and the larger the better.

2. Wall Lamps and Sconces

Another one of our unique decorating ideas is another revival of a style trend from a past design movement. The refashioning of wall sconces and wall lamps is a popular element in modern day design showrooms because they do not require table or floor space. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so adding this to your existing room or replacing traditional lamps with these design pieces can do wonders for a simple room update. Some even feature movable arms that can be retracted when necessary. Think of the old clip-on desk lamps but at a much larger scale.

3. Disproportional Scale

Speaking of scale, one of the more outlandish living room decorating ideas is to confuse the visual senses by creating an off-scale room. This concept can be incorporated into an entire room scheme or implemented by adding just one disproportionate accent item such as an oversized lamp or a mini-scale couch. This playful design element steps outside the boundaries of design scale and is especially moving in larger living rooms.

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4. Nix the Couch

Of all of the decorating ideas here, this is one of the most outside-of-the-box changes you can make in terms of traditional living room design bylaws. But in these times of modern day design, anything goes, as long as you can make it work. While replacing your couch might sound a bit extreme, there are other seating elements that can open up a room and redefine a space like no other addition to your living room could. For instance, elaborate benches, a group of plushy comfortable chairs, an intriguingly shaped chaise lounge, or a tastefully refined settee in velvet upholstery might be just what you’re looking for. These unique living room decorating ideas can change the attitude of the room especially when the couch is not against a wall. In these cases, when you remove the back of the couch, the space appears more open and inviting.

5. Go Maximal

Brace yourself for one of the most fantastically unique living room decorating ideas you will ever hear. You’ve heard of minimalism? Meet maximalism. Blank surfaces and muted colors aren’t for everyone. Clashing colors and patterns, textures and upholsteries, art periods and accessories is what this stylism is all about. The mantra of a maximalist is “more is more,” and it speaks for itself.

Perhaps these concepts inspire you to come up with your own unique decorating ideas to redefine your space. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in tangible ways. The best and most comfortably unique living room decorating ideas are the ones that are a reflection of yourself.